Funding & Social Aid

Financements et aide sociale
CROUS Grenoble Alpes assesses the Dossier Social Étudiant and decides whether or not to provide funding to students.

Grants on social criteria

To be eligible for these grants, you must:
  • fill out the Dossier Social Étudiant sometime between January 15 and May 15;
  • have a refugee or asylum-seeker status;
  • be enrolled in either a program for a national diploma (DUT, BTS, Licence, Master, Doctorat, ...) or in the Diplôme d'Université (DU) "Passerelle-Etudiants en exil" program.
Depending on your situation, it may be possible to receive a predefined amount of funding each month.
Learn more about grants: amounts, procedure, calendar, etc.

CROUS social service: an alternative to the onventional process

If you are a student and have not received any housing or grant through the usual procedure, you can request CROUS social service to examine your application to see if you are eligible for “temporary aid”.

To open an application, you must provide proof demonstrating any challenges faced with finding a place to live, eating or having the appropriate supplies needed for studying, getting health-related support, etc.
Booking an appointment is required.

A social assistant at CROUS social service will analyze the application. An evaluation committee will then decide whether or not to grant temporary aid.
Requests can be made all year round, multiple times a year. Documentation proving your difficult living situation will be required each time.
Published on  August 23, 2021
Updated on August 24, 2021