Learn French

There are numerous options available for learning the basics of French or for improving your fluency throughout the Grenoble metropolitan area, via the university or other associated organizations.

French courses with Co-FormER

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The Isère RUSF38 and the UGA offer French courses of all levels on campus.

At CUEF (UGA’s University Centre of French Studies)

Vivre le français au coeur des Alpes
The University Center of French Studies at UGA is involved in supporting people in exile with two specific programs.

"Passerelle - Étudiants en exil" University Diploma (CUEF)

A university diploma (DU) has been developed that is intended for displaced persons. It is validated and recognized at a national level. It incorporates cultural elements and integration into society.

French courses in the Grenoble metropolitan area

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City halls and associations also organize French courses.
Published on  August 16, 2021
Updated on September 27, 2021