"Passerelle - Étudiants en exil" University Diploma (CUEF)

This intensive program in language, culture, and university methodology is provided by the UGA’s University Centre of French Studies (Centre Universitaire d’Études Françaises).

It is a gateway to enrolling in higher education in France. It allows people who have been forced to stop their studies to learn all the language, cultural, and methodological (for example, note-taking in French) elements necessary for enrolling in a university program.
The program corresponds to the national curriculum and adds specific courses for the purposes of strengthening writing methods, enriching vocabulary and knowledge of French culture, and supporting integration into university life (sports and mentorship).
Passing the final exam results in the acquisition of the “Diplôme d’Université Passerelle - Étudiants en exil” and a transcript.
Enrolment is free (the UGA exempts students of all fees).

Published on  August 16, 2021
Updated on January 26, 2022