University Studies Access Diploma or "DAEU"

The DAEU is a nationally recognized diploma, equivalent to the Baccalaureate (Baccalauréat or Bac), specifically designed for adults who do not have a Baccalaureate or another equivalent diploma.
It confers the same rights as the Baccalaureate.

Any applicant wishing to sit the DAEU exam must complete a program from a university that is authorised to issue this diploma.
In Grenoble, this would be the Université Grenoble Alpes.

There are two available options :
  • literature (DAEU A): gives access to higher education programs in humanities, languages, human and social sciences, etc.
  • scientific (DAEU B): gives access to higher education programs in engineering sciences, mathematics, medicine, paramedical training, physical activity and sport, etc.


To begin DAEU preparation, you must have an equivalent education or knowledge level to that of a first-year high school (lycée) student.
DAEU preparation is comprised of several "modules" (parts).
It is possible to complete the DAEU preparation in either one year or across several years, with a maximum of 4 years.
The subjects studied vary according to the DAEU option the applicant wishes to complete.

Conditions of enrolment

  • hold a residence permit that is valid until October 31 of the exam year,
  • have suspended your initial studies for at least two years,
  • be at least 24 years of age on October 1 of the year the diploma is issued or
  • be at least 20 years of age on October 1 of the year the diploma is issued AND be able to prove two years of work activity with Social Security contribution.

Published on  August 18, 2021
Updated on January 26, 2022