Study as an unregistered student

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Taking courses as an unregistered student can have many advantages:
  • there are no prerequisites for enrolling under this status: you are not required to have received a diploma, passed an exam, or have a pre-existing corresponding level of knowledge;
  • applying with a traditional application is not required;
  • access to lectures (cours magistraux or CM) is open (within the limits of available spots): this allows for a better understanding of the discipline;
  • access to university libraries is open: you can borrow documents, reserve study rooms, etc.;
  • CVEC payment is not required.
This allows you to consider your future academic direction, compare program curriculums and disciplines, meet teachers, etc. before potentially choosing to enrol as a registered student.


An unregistered student does not have student status.
  • they cannot receive grants or scholarships;
  • they cannot have access to supports reserved for students (housing, student social security access, etc.);
  • they cannot sit exams;
  • they do not have access to all disciplines;
  • they cannot take “Tutorial” ("Travaux Dirigés" or TD) or “Practicum” (“Travaux Pratiques” or TP) courses;
  • they must ask for approval from the instructor responsible for the course.

Required documents

You must bring:
  • one piece of ID;
  • a registration form that has been filled out and signed;
  • an authorization of enrolment that has been filled out, signed, and stamped by the faculty or department which organizes the UE.
Published on  August 17, 2021
Updated on August 17, 2021